Silverback Precious Metals 1oz Silver Bar


The 1oz silver bar is a minimum of 999 fineness.


The Kinesis Mint produces the bar on behalf of Silverback precious metals.


This product is currently available in the US only.

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Weight: 0.0311035 kg
Dimensions: 24.10mm x 41.30mm x 3.50mm
Fineness: 999
Manufacturer: Kinesis Mint
The minted Silverback silver bar is of investment-grade quality and has a certified minimum fineness of 999. Available to purchase at a weight of 1 oz, the bar represents the movement to achieve true silver price discovery in the physical silver market.    Closely aligned with the values of Kinesis, Silverback precious metals aim to disrupt the silver market by establishing a fair and equitable system that lets people take back ownership of their physical silver.    The bar is inspired by the reintroduction of silver as real physical currency, designed for silver stackers everywhere. On the front, a silverback gorilla is shown holding the 1000-ounce bar, a symbolic emblem of the mission to take 1000-ounce Good Delivery bars off the market to make the asset more immediately accessible to the everyday investor.