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Kinesis Bullion

The Kinesis Bullion story​

The mission and values behind Kinesis Bullion.

Kinesis Bullion

The Kinesis Bullion store brings the investment-grade gold and silver bullion manufactured at the Kinesis Mint to investors at fair, transparent, live prices. Kinesis’ close control over each stage of the production of our rounds and bars, allows us to offer our customers unique value.

We set out to utilise our unique foothold in the precious metals industry to independently produce our own gold and silver bullion through the Kinesis Mint, making rounds and bars available at fair, transparent, live prices.

Our mission

The decision to manufacture our own unique gold and silver products, enables us to offer investment-grade rounds and bars at extremely competitive pricing. Whereas other suppliers have no choice but to purchase gold and silver from manufacturers, Kinesis’ close control over each stage of the production of our products, allows us to offer our customers unique value.

We take full responsibility for ensuring the quality of our gold and silver at our state-of-the-art refinery. All rounds and bars are subject to lab testing procedures ensuring the highest measure of purity. We achieve a minimum fineness of 9999 (gold) and 999 (silver). Due to the difficulty of production, silver of such purity is rarely made available in the industry.

At the heart of our mission is ensuring the integrity of the provenance of each and every round and bar we produce. Through controlling the entire production process for our gold and silver products, we are able to guarantee all gold and silver products are sourced and manufactured under ethical conditions.

Institutional precious metals heritage - ABX

Kinesis brought the vision of Kinesis Bullion to fruition, through utilising the invaluable industry experience of strategic partner, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX).

Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is a leading institutional exchange with 10 years’ experience trading fully allocated precious metals globally. A public company with an outstanding reputation in the precious metals space, ABX has an intricate understanding of all facets of precious metals manufacturing and distribution.

Kinesis has leveraged the infrastructure, experience and industry relationships of ABX to construct a manufacturing process that only produces bullion at the highest standards of quality. We ensure all gold and silver products in our series are of a minimum fineness of 9999, gold, and 999, silver.

Kinesis brings the quality, trust and transparency, ABX is known for throughout the industry, to the production and distribution of our gold and silver products.

Kinesis Bullion principles

Through offering responsibly-sourced gold and silver products at fair prices, Kinesis has instilled ethical principles in all the bullion we produce.

It is these principles that are represented in the bespoke artistry of our rounds and bars. Our gold bullion bars are engraved with the ancient Greek goddess of justice, Themis, as recognition of our harmonious, trusted relationship with investors. While our signature bullion gold and silver rounds depict the Egyptian goddess, Ma’at, personifying ancient concepts, such as truth, balance, order, harmony, and justice.

The bespoke designs, crafted entirely in-house to achieve the finest standards of precision, so that every observable detail on our rounds and bars embody the intrinsic values of Kinesis.


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