1g Kinesis Themis Gold Bar 2022

The Kinesis 1g gold bar is of a minimum fineness of 9999.


Our gold bar, embossed with the statue of Lady Justice, sits as the centrepiece of our first bullion series.

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Weight: 0.001 kg
Dimensions: 15mm x 8.56mm x 0.63mm
Manufacturer: Kinesis Bullion
Our 1g gold bullion bar is of investment-grade quality with a minimum fineness of 9999. Each freshly minted 1g gold bar displays a unique serial number, which is laser-engraved on the bar itself. Embossed with the statue of the ancient Greek goddess of justice, Themis, our bars have been designed to embody the intrinsic values of Kinesis: honesty, fairness, trust, balance, harmony, and justice. Our bespoke bar design was crafted entirely in-house by our team of artists. Through close control of each stage of the production process, Kinesis Bullion ensures all bars are manufactured to the highest ethical and quality standards.

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